4 axle Depressed Center Flatcar

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4-axle Depressed Center Flatcar


38ft deck car, total car length 68ft
TTX Number series QTTX 130575-130580

Above: Parts supplied in the kit. Below: A completed car from the kit.

Now supplied with etched brass stirrups and QTTX decala

Carefully file the tabs on the curved deck sections for a good fit onto the low deck and the end platforms. Glue the brake fittings onto one end platform as shown, and glue the steps under the four corners.
Check the height of the car after fitting trucks to ensure clearance under the low deck, if needed fit shims/washers between truck and bolster.

We used MTL #1036 trucks and #1023 (assembled) or 1025 (kits) couplers. If truck mounted couplers are used, the end beam must be cut wider to allow the coupler to swing.

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