Pack of three 53ft 6in AAR Flatcar Kits
for Ribbon or Welded Rail

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Pack of three
53 foot
6 inch
Flatcars for Welded rail



These kits are intended to provide a basic MoW flatcar
for welded rail service. The 15 stake pocket cars are based on the
UP F-50-11 class of flat cars that are used or similar to those used 1980's-2009
in MoW service by a number of roads. The 50 ton cars were built by
Pullman Standard in 1944 onwards. Each car is are made in lead free pewter
and weighs 1.4oz without trucks, so provide weight to carry the plastic
'welded rail' readily.

The deck is faintly scribed as a wooden deck, but no
wood laser cut deck is supplied.

Click here for the welded rail and bunks.

Other flat cars in ribbon rail service are available from N Scale Kits.

Parts for three cars are supplied in the kit.

Both brake handle and brake wheels are supplied for all of the cars.
These are mounted on the side of the car, depending on preference

Welded rail bunks are available separately.

On the model shown MTL 1036 trucks with body mount 1025 couplers or drawbars
could be used in a permanent consist with the welded rail loaded.

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