Building a 53ft Spine Car Kit

Check castings and clean up any signs of flash or feeds
Before gluing, test fit wheel platforms into pre-drilled holes. Note that platforms on end units are different to those on intermediate units, and are not interchangeable. If necessary, gently file the spigots for a snug fit. When happy, glue in place, making sure the platforms are level in both directions

Fit and glue the brake components as shown, on units A, B and D, into pre-drilled holes.

On opposite side to the brake components just fitted, glue the brake cylinder in the position shown by scribed lines, on units A, B and D

To paint the orange parts, I fix some masking tape sticky side up on a piece of wood, to hold the fittings during spraying
Glue the brake wheel in the hole in the brake stand, and file flush at the back.

For intermediate units hitch position is shown below left. Below center shows fitting the hitch support.
Glue the hitches in position shown for end units if carrying trailers

For carrying containers,
use flat hitch as shown above

Glue container pedestals as shown, on the platforms. Double pedestals are for 20ft containers (on end units only)

To complete, fold down the edges of the etched walkways on the half-etched lines, and glue in position. Glue grabs in position (high double grab on brake wheel side)
Fit Microtrains® 1033 trucks/couplers on ends, and 1031 in the articulated positions. They look best if fitted with low profile wheels.   Decals for this car are on Microscale® sheet 60-822

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