Dept of Defense Nuclear Flask M-140 Van

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Dept of Defense M-140 Nuclear Flask car kit and DoDX decals


Built by Thrall from 09-89 to 10-90, this 64' Department of Defense car was designed to carry "hot" nuclear waste from various bases across the US for reprocessing and back for resupply.

The eight axle cars with their silver nuclear rod carrying flasks are numbered DODX 38872-38896. They are still in use today, riding on 4 trucks and are in the AAR class type F461.

The N Scale Kits DoDX Nuclear Flask car has a cast lead free pewter chassis, brake details and body. The nuclear flask is resin. The car is supplied with etched walkways and grabs.

Decals in N Scale have been developed by N Scale Kits and are included in the kit

There is very limited prototype information on these cars available.
However, there are a number of photographs of the cars in service on the web. For further details please contact us

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