36ft Heavy Duty wellcars
built for Boston and Maine
and then used by General Electric

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36' Heavy Duty wellcar


These unusual 36' long heavy duty wellcars were built in B&M's Concord shops. Constructed in 1941 to Boston and Maine's Y-5B drawing, they were in their marine gear service until 1977. The wells were 7' wide and 14' long. The cars were numbered 5000-5007.

After that 5 cars were sold to GEC for electrical equipment carriage. These continued in service until 1981.

The cars are in one piece metal, so ride well. Glue the brake fittings onto one end platform as shown, and glue the steps under the four corners.
Check the height of the car after fitting trucks to ensure clearance under the low deck, if needed fit shims/washers between truck and bolster.

In B&M service the cars were black, in GEC service the blue shown.
For GEC use, we used MTL #1036 trucks. However, in early service the cars used Andrews trucks. We used #1023 (assembled) or 1025 (kits) couplers.

The cars include N Scale Kits' B&M and GEC decals

When in GEC service the cars were covered with a hood, in GEC paint scheme. These hoods, to fit the cars are available from N Scale Kits

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