Kasgro's 16 axle 450 ton
Heavy Duty Depressed Center Wellcar

N Scale Kits are tooling one of the heaviest duty Depressed Center wellcars running in the US today.

Leased on a 'per day' cost, these 450 ton capacity cars KRL 163200 and 163201 are part of the Kasgo's 'Red n' Ready' fleet. Used to transport out of gauge transfomers and other heavy equipment, these 142' long cars have a 32' centre deck.

The N Scale Kit cars will be cast in metal, and therefore have a very low centre of gravity and sufficient weight to track very well even when not loaded. The grabs, steps and walkways will be produced in etched stainless steel.

Simple hand tools will be required for assembly and CA glue is recommended.

For the eight trucks required we will be suggesting MTL 1031, with body mount couplers.

The Kasgro cars in operation

Photograph of 163201

The data sheet on these cars on Kasgro's site is here.

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