64ft Center Beam Pulpwood Car
BAR and MEC Railroads

These unusual center beam cars were used for pulpwood
in New England. Built by Magor in 1964, these 64' cars have sloping floors
to support the sideways loaded logs. 268 of these cars were run by BAR
with running numbers 1100-1367 and 200 by the Maine Central
numbered 1400-1599.

A number of these cars were still in service in 2008.
Some cars were altered by the removal of the center beam
for lumber use.

The N Scale Kits cars have a cast lead free pewter chassis
with etched stainless steel gratings for the floor.
The center beam is supplied and is easily constructed to provide
the main spotting feature of these unusual cars.

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MEC/BAR Magor centerbeam pulpwood Cars


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pack of three
MEC/BAR Magor centerbeam pulpwood Cars


For tips on building these cars click here

These cars got very dirty and extremely rusty in service.

Kits do not come with trucks or coupers [or logs!]

The Magor centerbeam pulpwood cars in MEC and BAR service

Prototype photographs courtesy of Stephen Hastings

Recommended trucks are Microtrains® 1036
Couplers should be medium extension.
Body mount couplers can be used if preferred.

Decals are available from Highball Graphics set FN-124;
and details are included in the Instruction Sheet

There is a little more information
on these cars at Larry Goss' website

and a few photographs of current use
[with the center beam removed]
for MoW use on the BAR can be found.

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