89' 4" BCOL Flatcars for ToFC use
Constructed by Marine Industries.

These 89' 4" long flat cars will make another different addition to ToFC consists. The Marine Industries Ltd cars built in 1975 have unusual wheel trays with see thru grating, and reinforced side sills and were an important element of the BCR fleet from the '70's to the end of ToFC service in 2002. They were fitted with two ACF Type 2 hitches each.

The cars were numbered in the series 7206-7245 in the BCR fleet.

We hope that the distinctive Can-car and flat deck trailers for these cars will also be available for use on these cars.

The MIL 89' 4" cars will make an interesting contrast to the ToFC TTX, BNSF and UP flat and intermodal cars also produced by N Scale Kits.

The N Scale Kits BCOL ToFC flatcar will have a cast lead free pewter chassis
with etched stainless steel walkways, gratings and grabs.

Photographs are by Tim Horton and Marine Industries builders photographs

Recommended trucks will be Microtrains® 1036
Body mount couplers should be used

We anticipate that BCOL decals will be available and will be included with the kit.

There is limited information about these cars or pictures on the web but there are some details here.

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