Norfolk Southern Boxcar underframe
conversion to ToFC

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NS Boxcar chassis converted for ToFC kit


As intermodal trailers became an increasing part of railroading, Southern found themselves short of cars for piggyback usage. These 50' cars were built in the mid 1980's from cut down boxcars. Southern cars Sou 151000-151502 were converted 8-83 to 4-83 by the Southern shops and Sou 155000-155999 were converted at Roanoke between 1-84 to 12-84. These cars became NS cars in their NS 157000 series. The cars were not suitable for 'circus-loading' and were always top or side loaded.

The chassis was strengthened, and a nailable steel floor placed over a part of the underframe. Quickly the steel became dinted by the weight of the trailers - and this unusual 'feature' is modelled on the kit!

The cars were in service until 2007

The N Scale Kits car has a cast lead free pewter chassis. The single hitch [the CF Pullman Standard heavy duty fixed hitch] is included with grabs and brake details.

Decals in N Scale are available from Oddball Decals Sheet #24 Norfolk Southern 1989.

Some prototype information on these cars is available in
RMC Sept 84 p56-59 with pictures and drawings although the hitch is incorrect, and
Model Railroader Dec 1984 p 104-113 with photos and conversion pictures.

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