National Steel 53' Double Stack Single Cars

These long single unit, double stack cars, are designed to take 2 53' containers in double stack mode.
Built by NSC these are designated NWF13 by TTX.

Introduced in late 2002 there were 5,090 of these cars running across the USA in 2019.

More details of the cars in service are at the bottom of the page

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The National Steel Cars built between 2002 and 2016 are a different style of car to others already available in N Scale.

They are in the NWF13 series of TTX. Another 1,100 cars in the NWF13A cars have a similar floor, but the sides are dissimilar with far fewer external ribs.

Three experimental cars NWF13 DTTX 654997 and NWF13A DTTX 654998 and 654999 were built.
followed by the full orders NWF DTTX 655000-658081
The NWF13A cars are DTTX 680090-681189.

Decals for these cars in the TTX paint scheme are available from N Scale Kits and included in the price.
The car was still in production in 2019. Click here for the National Steel information about the NSC 100t 53' Double Stack well car

Kits are designed to take Microtrains® 1037 trucks
or the BLMA® 100 ton trucks with 33" wheels and Microtrains®1023 couplers
These low riding cars look even better using Fox Valley Models® 28" wheels

Our grateful thanks go to Jim Panza for his help with these details sent privately but now published in Panza, J., Dawson, R., and Sellberg, R., 2018. The TTX Story Allentown PA, Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society.

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