PennsyRR and Trailer Train
F39 Flatcar

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F39 ToFC kit


These 75' cars were built in 1955 for the PRR and Burlington Route as early ToFC cars.
The cars were used in the first TrucTrain service in 1955, and other piggyback services
in the Trailer Train consortium.

Three versions of the cars, F39, F39a and F39c can be modelled from the kit.

A number of these cars were in service into the yellow paint scheme era
of TTX in 1969, with 100 cars still running in 1990. One F39 is preserved at the Virginia Museum of Transportation, Roanoke VA.

Some of these later cars had their ToFC equipment removed and the cars
used as CoFC and general flatcar use.

The N Scale Kits cars have a cast lead free pewter chassis. Hitches, rub rails and bridge plates are included as are laser cut wood deck floors and etched grabs.

Prototype photographs courtesy of Ed Martin

Recommended trucks are Microtrains® 1036
Couplers should be medium extension.
Body mount couplers can be used if preferred.

A separate decals sheet is not available but sheets which enable the cars to be decalled in both PRR and three TTX paint shemes are available from Microscale® and details are included in the Instruction Sheet

Full prototype information on these cars is on
Rob Schoenberg's excellent Pennsy reference site
F39 page
A comprehensive file on the F39 cars
and a version built in HO is in the PRRT and HS Keystone Modeler
Keystone Modeler Dec 2008

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