Building the Trinity RWG33A
53ft 3-car articulated Wellcar kits

There are four basic parts for each of the three wellcars plus etches and decals. Prepare the parts and check fitting.

Use CA glue to secure the ends and sides of the car. Slot the ends onto the locating lugs on the side panels ensuring that the car is square and flat.

Bend the wellcar floor to create the ends of the car floor as shown. The floor locates along the bottom ridges of the wellcar sides.

Glue in the wellcar floor.

After painting the assembled wellcar, and before fitting the walkway etches, bend the legs of the end walkways at the half-etched fold lines, as shown. Fold the ends of the legs under, so that they can be glued to the floor.(left), and fit to the cars at the articulation ends.

The coupler end cross walks (right) are at two different heights. The cross walkway on the far right is bent down on the legs from the lengthways walkway to a lower level (below).

Glue the walkways and grabs into position. Note that the handrail and grabs at the articulated ends are on opposite sides of the two cars.

The long walk ways and the grabs are separate parts on the articulated ends.

The walkways should remain unpainted as they are left as unpainted steel in the TTX paint schemes. The grabs and handrails should be painted in TTX yellow.

The articulated sections are placed on top of each other. The truck pins that attach the truck to the lower part of the articulation coupling help this.

Body mount couplers are preferred, the coupler should be attached under the end platform framing.

If truck mounted couplers are used, file sufficient metal from the ends to allow the truck to swing.

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