Resin containers to go with
N Scale Kit's Cars

Flexi-Van containers

NSR113-Container: Mark I and II 36' and 40' Flexi-Van containers,
for use on the Flexi-Van cars,
These containers do not have the side doors.
They come with both a 36' and a 40' each in the package.

NSR113-Mail Van: 36' & 40' Flexi-Van containers with side doors. These roller door containers were used in USPS Mail service, in Flexi-Van Mail Van consists.
One size each in a package.

Decals: There are ten different sets of decals available for a the Flexi-Van containers.

Available sets are for the paint schemes of
New York Central early scheme [yellow and black scheme]
NYC's later blue scheme
Penn Central's blue scheme
and the Milwaukee Road scheme.

Decals are also available for Flexi-Van containers for
Southern, Tynan and Illinois Central [on one sheet],
States Marine Lines, Santa Fe and Ringsby.

Decal sheets [here] will decor two Flexi-Van containers.

Santa Fe Mail Containers

NSR106: 20' Santa Fe mail container for use on the Santa Fe Mail car,
4 pieces per pack.

Decals: Decals are also available for the Santa Fe Mail containers.
Decal sheets will decor two mail containers.

Trash Containers

NSR181: NS ColTainers,
for use on the Articulated Trash Spine Cars,
4 pieces per pack.

NSR182: Open top trash containers,
also for use on the Articulated Trash Spine Cars,
6 pieces in a pack.

NSR183: Hard top trash/sludge and contaminated dirt container,
used on the Articulated Trash Spine Cars,
6 pieces in a pack.

Decals: are available for the all of the trash containers above [here].

Purchasing the resin containers above.

Previously available from Brian Stone of Stone Creations, Brian has unfortunately ceased production. Due to demand N Scale Kits have commissioned further resin casts and some are now available direct form N Scale Kits.

ColTainers here.

Open Trash containers here.

Contaminated dirt and sludge containers here.

Please contact N Scale Kits directly for further information on other resin casts by email at Sales at N Scale Kits

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