Upgrade kit for Con-Cor Autoracks

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Upgrade for Autorack rtr cars


To gain better running for the Con-Cor Autoracks, Alan Curtis cut out the floor
and replaced it with a modified casting from the N Scale Kits 89ft Flatcars.
The improvement was excellent, so Alan Curtis made some castings
available for conversion of these cars.

These upgrades are now available from N Scale Kits
Can also be used for 86ft High Cube Boxcars - click here

First the floor was sawn out using a jeweller's piercing saw with a coarse blade

and the cut edge filed flush with the car sides (left)

The new underframe castings (right)

The casting is aligned with the bottom of the ends, and glued on the inside of the car with super glue (CA).

M/T 1036 trucks and 1019 couplers are fitted

(Body mount couplers can be used for running on layouts with generous curves)

Fit the coupler support bars (supplied in the kits)

Casting shown unpainted for clarity, but would be better painted black before assembly

Modified car on the layout. The truck is now the correct distance from the car end, for more realistic appearance

Running is now greatly improved, and the cars are very stable

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