68ft DODX Heavy Duty Flatcars

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68' DODX Heavy Duty Flatcar


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68' DODX Heavy Duty Flatcar with DoDX decals



Flatcar fitted with 6-wheel trucks and body mounted couplers

Carrying two M1A2 Tanks. (Tanks not yet fitted with tie-down chains)

Shown on Alan Curtis' layout, and with the tank tied down

New for 2016 - 1:160 N Scale Abrams M1 [left] and M1A1 [right]
now available in unpainted resin.

Other Abrams tanks are available but all of the resin versions are in 1:144 or 1:150 scales, and not available regularly. Whilst these will fit [see the pictures above] onto the N Scale Kits cars, they do appear a little too large.

For the resin Abrams tanks kits visit
'Aotrs Commander's' site for the M1A1 tank
and 'Aotrs Commander's' site for the M1 tank

For the information and help sheet visit
the DoDX heavy duty flatcar sheet
decal sheet

This car is fitted with
trucks in the scale
position, and with body
mounted couplers
For comparison, this car is fitted with truck mounted couplers
(trucks nearer end of car)

Below left is truck mounted coupler, and below right body mounted coupler. As trucks are not available without couplers, Alan Curtis cut off the coupler from the trucks and glued them to the body casting. This saves having to obtain separate couplers.
The cars look much better with the trucks in the correct position, and body mount couplers worked fine on my 12" radius curves. Holes are provided to mount trucks in either position. The trucks are M/T 1173.

Trucks and couplers are not supplied with the kit

For excellent prototype photographs
of these cars visit
David R Olsen's DoDX site
and John's Military Rail site

Decals on this DODX car are now available from
N Scale Kits as earlier suppliers here do not appear to be in production.

Order the car with decals [shown here] as part of your order above.

Click here for close-up photographs of the lettering on these cars

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