Gunderson 5-unit Double Stack Cars.
40ft Well Rebuilds

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Gunderson 5-unit
Double Stack 40' Well Rebuilds



TTX are rebuilding many 48ft well cars into 40ft wells, as lots of these only carry 40ft shipping containers
in the bottom position, thereby saving train length and tare weight. Our model reproduces this version.

Below: A car built from the new 5-unit car kit

The car shown loaded with 40ft containers, but 48ft containers can be loaded in the upper position
as seen on one of the wells

Rebuilt car alongside an original Maxi III showing the saving in overall length

Comparison between 48ft and 40ft wells

The weld lines of the converted cars are represented on the model.

N Scale Kits Gunderson double stack wellcars in operation

Suitable Microscale® decals for these cars are: 60-792 TTX Maxi III 5-unit double stack cars.
Decals for the '40' designation are supplied in the kit.

Full decals for these cars were produced by
Roland Ruesch and HelveticaRR Decals
For details on these decals visit 40' Maxi III Decal set

However, the HelveticaRR decals are not being produced any longer, so N Scale Kits are producing decals
for the cars. Please contact N Scale Kits directly for inforamtion

Preview these all new decals for the rebuilt 40' cars here

Kits are designed to take Microtrains® 1037 trucks/couplers (outer ends) and 1036 (inner)

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