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All cars are manufactured in lead free pewter

All items shown here are in production and available.

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Intermodal Well Cars
National Steel 48ft 3-unit All-Purpose Well Cars
Gunderson Maxi III 5-unit Double Stack Cars
Rebuilt Gunderson Maxi III [40ft wells]
Gunderson single unit "Husky Stack" Double Stack Car
Greenbrier 53AP All-Purpose 53ft Double Stack Cars
FreightCar America 40' 5-unit Double Stack Cars
National Steel 53' single unit Double Stack Car
Trinity 53ft 3-unit articulated Double Stack Cars

Intermodal Spine and Flat Cars
TTAX 48ft 5-unit All-Purpose
TTAX 53ft 5-unit All-Purpose
89ft Flatcars to carry Trailers or Containers
NTTX 5-Unit Container Only
'Ultra' Articulated Trash Spine Cars

Early Intermodal cars
PRR 40ft FM Container Flatcar
Early intermodal Clejan Spine Cars
Early intermodal Flexi-Van Cars
Early intermodal PRR and TrailerTrain F39 Flatcar
Early intermodal Norfolk Southern ToFC Flatcar
Mount Vernon 70' Circus flatcar
Warren 70' Circus flatcar

89ft Flatcars [various types]
89ft "Triple 53" and "Triple 57" 'Longrunner' Flatcars
89ft Bulkhead Car With Side Stakes
PRR 40ft FM Flatcar
PRR F30a 50ft Flatcar and F30d ToFC 50ft Flatcar
PRR F39 Early intermodal Flatcar
53ft 6in Flatcars for Welded Rail
68ft Low Bulkhead Flatcar
68ft Low Bulkhead Flatcar with Stakes
60ft Flatcar [various types]
68ft Flatcar for Welded Rail
68ft DoDX Heavy Duty Military Flatcar
DoDX Nuclear Flask van
68ft Finger Rack Car
Norfolk Southern converted boxcar to ToFC use
Santa Fe converted car to US Mail use
Autorack Upgrade for Con-Cor car

Heavy Duty Flat cars
Boston and Maine / GEC Heavy Duty wellcar
PRR's Pennsy F33 Heavy Duty wellcar
Chesapeake and Ohio Heavy Duty wellcar
QTTX 8-axle 195 ton Flat Deck Car
QTTX 8-axle 70ft Flat Deck Car
PRR's 'Queen Mary' FD2, 16 axle Heavy Duty Depressed Center Car
PRR's FW1, 16 axle Heavy Duty Center Well Car [truck assembly]
QTTX HSH53 12-axle 360 ton Flat Deck Car
QTTX 8-axle Depressed Center Flat Cars [3 deck lengths]
QTTX 12-axle Depressed Center Flat Car
QTTX 4-axle Depressed Center Flat Car

Lumber / logging cars
25ft Logging Spine Car
25ft and 35ft Logging Flat Cars
40' Log Spine Cars [SP and MILW]
48ft Log Bunk Spine Car
Magor Center Beam Pulpwood Car [MEC/BAR]
Log Bunks Available Separately for Fitting to Flatcars

Flatrack Containers
Specialized containers and decals for N Scale Kits cars
Decals for various Containers [dry, reefer and trash]

Container Chassis
Container Chassis [various lengths from 20ft to 53ft]

Intermodal Autotrailers
50's-60's Double axle Autocarrier
50's-60's Single axle Autocarrier
50's-60's Flexi-Van Autocarrier

Specialized decals for N Scale Kits carloads
M1/M1A1 tank

Maintenance of Way
Welded / Ribbon Rail
Hart Convertible Ballast Gon [PE/SP and other roads]
Now available
Decals for West Coast railroad MoW Vehicles

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