Penn [PRR] F33 heavy duty wellcar
and similar Chesapeake and Ohio 125t wellcar

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Penn PRR F33 Flatcar


Kits are in cast white metal and supplied with
Laser cut wood deck and etched fittings

PRR Decals [but not C&O] are supplied with the car.

Pennsylvania Railroad ordered just 16 of these heavy duty wellcars built by Greenville between 1938 and 1942. The cars were all welded with a wooden lower well deck - the planks of which were placed both longways and sideways across the deck. The cars ran on 3 axle Buckeye trucks.

The cars, with a high tonnage and deep wells were in demand across the US to transport large electrical equipment and large castings etc.. The cars were numbered 47080 - 470095 and became Penn Central and then Conrail's 768121-768136. They lasted in service until the 1980's.

Five very similar cars were also built for the C&O. Cars 80975-80980 were drawn and described by Bob Hundman in Mainline Modeler Feb 1989.

The cars were redesigned in April 2019 with a lower profile
- to match the prototypical ride height.
The redesigned ends are now available

Car shown before decals are applied.

PRR decals are supplied with kits.

The recommended two three-axle Buckeye trucks and body couplers are not included.

for the information on building of these cars
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For comprehensive prototype details on these cars see Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society's Gatwood, E. and Buchan, A., "Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars Revenue & Work Equipment 1881 to 1968" Lancaster PA, 2008, PRTHS

for online information visit
for the PRR cars Rob's Pennsy page or for the C&O The C&O Historical Society

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