Penn [PRR] FM 40ft Flatcar [NS150]
and FM Flatcar for Container Service [NS149]

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Penn PRR FM Flatcar


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Penn PRR FM Flatcar for Container Service


Kits are in cast white metal and supplied with
Laser cut wood deck and etched brass fittings
The FM car has stakepockets, and the Container Flatcar has container bunks

Decals are supplied with the car

Pennsylvania Railroad built 3,661 40ft FM flatcars from 1902 to the mid-1930's, The cars were of an advanced design compared with other flatcars of their era. Production ended when the F30 was introduced. However, the PRR FM class continued in operation with 608 on the ORER register in October 1953 and the last 3 were still in non-revenue service in 1969.

Starting in 1928, PRR developed less-than-carload [LCL] containers. A number of the FM flatcars were converted to carry containers such as SD1 and DD1 boxes. At least 864 FM cars had the stakepockets removed and container bunks installed for LCL service, continuing in operation until October 1950 when the service was closed.

The FM car is available in both the standard version with stakepockets and the container version with container bunks.

DD1 containers for the Container version of the car from Shapeways
by Mad Dog Design are available here .

Car shown before stake pockets and deck fitted

PRR decals are supplied with kits.

Decals for SD1 and DD1 containers are also available from N Scale Kits.
Contact N Scale Kits for details.

Container bunks shown - they are to be fitted over the wood deck

Trucks and couplers not included

for the information on building of these cars
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For comprehensive prototype details on these cars see PRTHS's "Pennsylvania Railroad Flat Cars Revenue & Work Equipment 1881 to 1968" Elden Gatwood and Al Buchan. 2008

for online information visit
Rob's Pennsy page

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