8-axle 195 ton Flat Deck Car Kit

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8-axle 195 ton Flat Deck Car


Class DSH55. The center section deck is 55ft long, total car length 68' 8"

This kit is extremely easy to build, as it contains only 3 main parts, plus steps and bolster pins!

After cleaning up any flash, glue the steps under the corners of the end platform/span bolster castings

Now supplied with etched brass stirrups and QTTX decals

below:The three parts of the car ready for painting

above: The span bolster/end platform with trucks fitted
and below: fitted in place over the bolster spigot

the cast bolster pin is glued into the hole to retain the bolster (below)

The trucks Alan Curtis used when he made this model are MTL 1036. Recommended couplers are MTL 1023 (assembled) or
1025 (kits). Alphabet decals were used for the reporting marks, and the TTX logo from a
spine car sheet (60-822) others are from a data sheet for large capacity cars

Above and below, pictures of the car on Alan Curtis' layout.
As the weight is evenly carried via the span bolster to all four trucks, the car rides very well
and easily traverses tight curves.

A prototype photograph of one of these cars in service is here

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