40ft Log Spine Car [NS115]
Southern Pacific L-40-5
Milwaukee Road FL

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One 40' Log Spine Car



One 40' Log Spine Car
[Milw FL]



Pack of three Log Spine Cars


These, and very similar, log spine cars were common
in the Pacific North West from the 1920's to the early 1970's.

The Southern Pacific's Class L-40-5 were constructed from 1937.
Withdrawal started post 1945 but 400+ were still in service 1960
with a few cars still in service post 1970.
The SP cars used low bunks that restrained the loaded logs.

The Milwaukee Road cars in their 59000 series differ from the SP car
by having tall sprung stakes, where the logs' own weight, pressing on the stakes
kept the logs on the car. There was no banding around the logs on these cars.
The Milw cars were in service until the late 1970's

Similar cars were used on other short lines in the North Western states
until the 1980's

The kit includes wood decks for the end platforms,
and the side running boards

Grabs, brake wheel and running board supports are etches,
with brake details as castings.

L-40-5 kit

Completed unpainted SP car built from the kit

Milw Car with 'sprung' log bunks shown, before painting and etches fitted

Kits are available singly with sprung stakes [Milw]
or with Gerlinger bunks as used by the SP and short lines
or in packs of three of two SP and one Milw car.
The cars are supplied without trucks (or logs!)

Recommended trucks are
Microtrains® trucks with short couplers

Andrews trucks [for use in cars up to 1956] 003 02 011
or Bettendorf trucks 003 02 021

Prototype pictures of the Milwaukee Road car at Tacoma WA in 1974
and Southern Pacific L-40-5 cars in 1970 and similar
L-40-3 cars on the Tillamook Branch OR in 1928
With thanks to Tom Dill and Don Franchi

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