TTAX 48ft All-Purpose Spine Car Kit

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TTAX 48' All Purpose Spine Cars


Kits can be assembled to carry trailers or containers, or a combination of these.
The model 48' spine cars in operation

For photo-guide on building these kits, click here

These cars are cast in metal, and therefore have a very low centre of gravity and sufficient weight to track very well even when not loaded. The kits comprise of the five spines to which all the fittings are glued. CA is recommended for assembly (see how-to-build page) Kits contain 88 castings. Simple hand tools are required for assembly

We suggest Badger Modelflex 16-168 Trailer Train yellow or Pollyscale 404067 TTX Yellow paint
Decals are Microscale 60-822 All-Purpose Spine Cars

For the end trucks we suggest MTL 1033, with med. ext. couplers and the rest 1031

Collapsible hitches in etched metal
and NEW etched metal detail parts are available for these cars.
click for details and pictures

Gary Hinshaw has modelled these cars
with these added MLE hitches and wheel tray overlay kit,
and some brake detail.

Spine cars carrying two 20ft containers . . . .

. . . . a 48ft container . . . .

. . . . and a 28ft 'Pup' trailer

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